5 Types of People You See When The Sun Comes Out

Finally, the time has come that the sun has come out from hiding and the freezing weather is gone. Students have come out of hibernation and are shedding their layers while the grass greens and the trees bloom. This time is honestly my favorite time of the school year, everyone just seems so happy to not be inside curled up in the fetal position all while wearing two sweaters, a pair of leggings, pajama pants, socks, and cozy sheepskin slippers and huddled against the space heater. As the weather begins to reach high 60s and 70s, here are the types of students you may see around outside:

1. The Shirtless Sports Guys


Suns out guns out am i right? These fine specimen love to show off their hot bods after training all winter and engage in volleyball games, frisbee, or anything else that shows off the definition.

2. The Sunbathers


Girls in bikinis and shirtless guys in exercise shorts scatter the quad spread out on their beach towels and are accompanied by tanning lotion. It may only be 60 degrees outside, but if you close your eyes and a sip a pineapple kombucha from the marketplace, you feel like you’re in Hawaii only switch out the palm trees for cherry blossoms and the ocean for Lake Arthur. Not to be confused with Number 1’s “shirtless sports guys” this type only lies stationary in the grass and refuses to take part in activities.

3. The Homework Do-ers


These types of students with their homework scattered around them up against a tree think that the warm rays of sun will help them be more productive. While they might start off being productive, the sirens of warm weather call out to them to join the other students playing frisbee, sunbathing, or napping.

4. The Afternoon Nappers


This tired type of college student has an awkward break between classes and while the student lounges can be too crowded and loud to take a nap in, they find their perfect tree to lean against to take a small snooze. Usually they make friends with the “Homework Do-ers”, but nonetheless return to their naps to escape the stress and enjoy the sunshine.

5. The Ones Still In Layers


This type of student thinks that the sun is just playing tricks on them and they are the only ones truly prepared for a torrential downpour. They disregard the other students wearing muscle shirts, tank tops, and shorts and scoff at their stupidity, don’t they know it’s Spokane and the weather can change in a matter of minutes? Instead they are clothed in many layers just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Enjoy the sunshine zags!



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