Where To Sit In The New Hemmingson Den

Crosby was a sanctuary in the storm but sadly it was gutted and now not as fun to hang out in. Thankfully the opening of the Hemmingson Den fulfilled all of our cozy study dreams. Here is a preliminary rundown of the various seats in the spiffy basement.


Beige Couches: Good For Sleeping, Bad For Work

            Every time I have been in the Hemm Den there has been someone passed out on these couches. I sat on them for the first time the other day, and I understood why. These couches are wide and soft, you sink into them but are also supported well by the structure of the couch. It also has pillows provided. The next time you need a nap but don’t have time to go home, these couches are waiting to make your nap dreams come true. The soft lighting and quiet atmosphere is perfect for sleeping and these couches are the place to do it.


Tables: Good For Group Work Or Individual Work

            If you’re actually in the Den for school purposes (nerd), take full advantage of these tables and chairs that encourage group work or individual work. I would not encourage napping at these tables, cause (1) uncomfortable, and (2) very obvious. If you have the confidence of Kanye and don’t care if people see you napping, sitting up, drooling on your books, go for it. However, there are so many couches that might serve you better.


Cushions On Stage: Good For Sleeping Or Lounging

            I have not had the pleasure of sitting on these yet but they call to me but they call to me like sirens to sailors. They seem to be good for sleeping or reclining like a Roman god at court. Mostly, I’ve seen people sit on these with a group of friends with the intention to do work. However, once those cushions take over, all motivation is lost and either group naps or the desire for conversation overwhelms.


Tilty Chairs: Scary But Fun

            You know the ones I’m talking about. I sat in them the first day and slowly rotated as others spun around like their lives depended on it. They are really fun and a good study break. However, I witnessed a kid being told, “It’s impossible to fall out of them,” after which he immediately went for it and tipped out backwards. So, even though they are dope as all heck, sit at your own risk.


Miscellaneous Couches: Good For Talking, Maybe Not So Good For Work

            Much like the cushions on the stage, I can’t really imagine much productive work happening in these things. They’re amazingly comfortable and naps will probably happen, but more then that it seems like a good place to have a heart to heart with your best friend about her annoying new boyfriend and how you hate it when he calls her “honey bunches of oats.” Yes I know it’s your favorite cereal and yes I agree that it is delicious Sharon, but it’s weird that that’s how he identifies you. I don’t care that it’s heart healthy.


Tall Tables: Good For Working Higher Than Normal

            Good for working with groups or by yourself. Very similar to the other tables, just higher. Useful for increasing your perception of your importance as you survey everyone else working slightly lower than you.


Couches By Fireplace: Good For Sleeping Or Pretending You Are In A Cabin

            Is your greatest dream to fall asleep in a cabin in the middle of the woods on a comfy couch by a roaring fire? Don’t have a cabin that fits those criteria? This is the place for you. Fall asleep to the crackling fire and ignore the fact that you have class in half an hour. There is no class in the forest. You’re all good.


All together, A+ on the new Den.


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