6 Feelings You’ll Experience In The Last Two Weeks Of School

Another year has come and gone and Gonzaga has proved to us that there isn’t a star in heaven that we can’t reach. As we wrap up yet another school year, we all just gotta go our own way at some point. Here’s some feelings you might experience during the next few weeks of the semester:

1. Stress


It isn’t summertime yet which means the last week of school will be spent stressing over that final you need to get a 165% on in order to pass the class and constantly planning when the support therapy dogs will make their way to your section in the library. But go ahead and believe miracles can happen.

2. Happiness


The sun has come out, everyone’s wearing shorts and dresses, and dreams of summer vacation are so close to becoming a reality. This means no more hours of procrastinating homework by testing out all the new chairs in the new Hemmingson Den, studying for 36 hours straight and realizing you would have done better on the test if you had decided not to show up, and throwing all of your time and energy into creating a healthier replica of the Unicorn Frappaccino.

3. Sadness


In addition to leaving the best campus in the whole world, you’ll also be leaving behind all of your bffs who live four states away, across the country, or on the other side of world. If you’re anything like me and studying abroad next fall, you won’t be seeing your friends for six months or a whole year if they’re studying abroad in the spring.

4. Hope


You may be worried that the bond between you and your friend that you met during the Logan crawl last weekend may not last, but are very sure you will keep in contact with your friends from orientation week, roommates, and class pals over the summer. By sending Kardashian gifs in text conversations, making road trip plans, and keeping tabs on them via Find My Friends, your friendship will fully survive the distance.

5. Hunger


You have 10 cents left of your bulldog bucks after spending hundreds of dollars on California Rolls and Swedish Fish, very few COG swipes left (but come on, its the COG), and negative funds in your bank account and can’t go to Safeway. Better start waiting around Starbucks after hours for the leftover food, stealing other peoples’ Dominos before they go and greet the driver, or begging your parents to add more bulldog bucks to your account.

6. Sentiment


Whether you’re graduating this spring or have a few more semesters to go, no matter where life takes you this summer, just remember that Gonzaga will always be your home and that we’re all in this together.


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