How To Study According To Random WikiHow Pictures

If you are like me, you desperately do not want to start studying for finals, even though you know it is necessary. So to help, I have compiled a series of pictures from random WikiHow articles that will demonstrate how best to prepare for finals week!



Start to study, realize you know nothing. Cross out all of your notes.


Get distracted. Start thinking about capturing a ton of bees and enslaving them to produce honey for you. You are the bee king. Fixate on this dream. Become the bee king in your daydreams.


Get angry with yourself. Go to the nearest wall and push it in frustration. Push hard in an effort to accomplish something, anything. Really lean into it. Ignore the stares from everyone else in the library. Grunt.


Realize you are worthless and you should probably just give up now. Contemplate getting some new shoes.


Get to work sealing yourself into your study room. No one comes in or out until you gets some work done! Block out the sunlight and the distractions!


Eat salad for 24 hours straight. Healthy body, healthy mind. Do not stop eating salad.


Look at your phone for a while. Exhaust all forms of social media. Get into a fight in the Youtube comments.


Think about growing a soul patch. Wink at yourself in the mirror. Become sad.


Remember you have to graduate somehow. Become optimistic! The future is bright!


Try your hardest! Don’t let finals get you down and get to work! It’s all good!


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2 replies

  1. I relate to this so much right now. Only it’s midterms and not finals.


  2. Bolches yarboclos, Batman!!!

    This is so true.


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