6 Spooktacular Couple Costumes For Halloween That Would Be Great If You Weren’t Incredibly, Bitterly Alone

Halloween is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen. Dressing up and going to parties is always a blast, whether you go as a spooky monster, a sexy version of something that should definitely not be sexy, or one of the thousands of Pennywises you’re going to see this year.

If you’re with a special someone, you have to be twice as creative to come up with a good costume, or so I’ve been told. Halloween is the perfect time for couples to come up with fun, creative costumes that show that they care about one another with an intimacy and love that you haven’t known for years. Here are some fun ideas for couples to dress up as, which would be great if you actually had someone to dress up with!

1. Khaleesi And Jon Snow


Want an instantly recognizable costume based on characters from a hit TV show? Khaleesi and Jon Snow are a great duo, albeit a little nerdy! All you need is to do is find wigs to match their recognizable hairdos, costumes that are semi-medieval looking, and a beautiful companion who shares your hobbies and interests and would be proud to look a little dorky with you!

2. Bob Ross And A Happy Little Tree


Always a Halloween staple, try dressing up as everybody’s favorite soft-spoken painter and one of his “happy little trees” that he enjoys painting! For an added bonus, bring actual paint and a small notebook and offer to paint your friends quick masterpieces. It’s the perfect combination of clever, funny, and recognizable that will make your costume a hit at any party you go to!

Of course, it’s far more likely that you’re going to go as a sad, lonely little tree this year. Why does everyone you care about always “leaf” you?

3. David S. Pumpkins And One Of His Dancing Skeleton Sidekicks


Unless you’ve avoided the Internet for the past year, you’ve probably heard of the now-famous David S. Pumpkins SNL sketch featuring Tom Hanks as the titular David Pumpkins who, along with two dancing skeleton sidekicks, is inexplicably present on multiple floors of a theme park’s haunted elevator attraction. Sure, it came out for Halloween 2016, but it’s still such a hit that you’ll be sure to light up the room!

Of course, this only works if you had someone who would actually be your dancing skeleton. The “S.” in your David S. Pumpkins probably stands for “Sadness”. Or maybe “Sorrow”. Perhaps it stands for “Slowly growing closer and closer to death, never truly experiencing one of the most essential human experiences: love”.

Any questions?

4. Snapchat Filters


You can go as the dog filter, the flower crown filter, or any other Snapchat classic! If you really want to get creative, do a face swap with your partner and print out the results – wear it as a fun mask all Halloween!

But you put on a mask every day. It hides the pain in your eyes (or at least it tries to). You cannot “Snap” out of your deep, consuming loneliness.

5. Unicorn Frappuccino And A Barista


Here’s a throwback to April! Remember when Starbucks came out with the limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino? One of you can dress as the colorful drink and the other can dress like a barista! It’s creative, topical, and most importantly: fun!

In many ways, you are like the Unicorn Frappuccino: seemingly vibrant and colorful on the outside, but nobody wants you anymore. They don’t even think about you anymore. You were but a brief phase, a passing glimmer of light that has faded into the dark abyss of time. You are forgotten.

6. I Don’t Know… The Dancing Hot Dog and the Little Kid In The Raincoat From IT?


 These were both popular in 2017, so I guess that means you should dress as them? People will eat that up. I know they don’t go together, but does it really matter? Does anything really matter? Looks like another Halloween of binge eating chili dogs and washing it down with $5 vodka.

Any of these choices are sure to be a hit! Have any fun ideas that we missed? Leave them in the comments! Have a Spooktacular Halloween!


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