7 Things to Look Forward to During Winter Break.

Let’s be honest: these last two weeks of school are always the hardest. We’re trying to stay positive and stay motivated but at this point I’m looking at the 109% I need to get on a final in order to get an A- in the class and quite frankly I’m getting a little discouraged. But instead of focusing on my personal impending doom, I’m going to think about all the great things I have to look forward to during winter break.

1. So many naps


There are going to be so many hours during the day in which I am not in class that I can instead spend sleeping. How glorious.

2. Binge watching Netflix


Scandal? Dark? Stranger Things? Grey’s Anatomy? Mindhunter? Black Mirror? All of the above?

3. Christmas cookies


It’s that time of year again where I get to put on my sweatpants and eat so many sugar cookies that my stomach starts trying to revolt against me.

4. Hallmark movies



5. Gifts


Christmas = gifts. I don’t know who created that weird tradition but I’ll take it.

6. Starbucks winter drinks


I know they’re already out but they’re just so much better when it’s Christmas-time and you have no responsibilities and you can just drink your peppermint hot chocolate and attempt to ignore the tumultuous political climate we’re in.

7. Sleeping in your own bed


I am so, so very tired of sleeping on an extra long twin green plastic sack and calling it a bed.


What are you most looking forward to doing over winter break?


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