Sun + Run = Ice Cream

With the sunny weather coming to an end soon, here are three runs that have a sweet ending. These three local ice cream shops are a MUST for every Zag to try out.


The Scoop

This cute ice cream shop hidden amongst the tree-lined streets in the South Hill will bring you back to those elementary school days as the sweet smell homemade waffle cones drift out of its doors. Grab a seat outside underneath twinkling lights while you listen to some live music on their patio facing Wilson Elementary.

The Scoop has also recently introduced a mint green ice cream truck for special events.

1001 W. 25th Ave


The run: 4 miles – Drive and park at The Scoop. Begin your run going east on 25th Avenue. Turn left on Manito Blvd. to run around Manito Park. Continue on to Grand Blvd. as you take a left to 17th Avenue. Meander your way around till you hit Monroe Street and take it up to The Scoop to enjoy a scoop of their handcrafted heaven.



Brain Freeze Creamery

Located in the new Kendall Yards development by the falls, this ice cream shop is sure to fill your taste buds. Across the street from The Inlander’s new location, Brain Freeze is surrounded by a fresh wave of energy coming from budding restaurants and small businesses.

The Brain Freeze Creamery actually supplies The Scoop with its tasty ice cream!

121238 W. Summit Parkway

brain freeze

The run: 2 miles – Start on campus and head West on the Centennial Trail towards down town. Stay on the North bank of the Spokane River to pass the white Butterfly art installation. Get onto Mallon Avenue and pass the Clinkerdagger restaurant. Turn left onto Lincoln Street. Once you pass Anthony’s, turn right onto Bridge Avenue and continue on to West Summit Parkway where you’ll see the shop. This quick run from campus is the perfect distance to warm you up for a brain freeze.



Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle

You can’t miss this shop, it’s literally shaped as a milk bottle. The neon lights and retro-checkered floors let you know that you’re in for a real treat. Burgers, milkshakes, and ice cream are the Milk Bottle’s specialties. With their local flair and diner theme, it’ll be worth the run for their milkshakes.

802 W Garland Ave

milk bottle two

The run:  2.5 miles – Begin your run on campus and go north on Division Street. Once you hit Mission Avenue, make a left to get off of the busy street. Turn right onto Atlantic Street until you see Cora Avenue where you will make a left. Take Post Street all the way up to run straight to the Milk Bottle on Garland Avenue.




·      Always run with a friend

·      These directions are just recommendations. You’re on a run! EXPLORE and make it up as you go for an adventure and new discoveries.
bulldog icecream

Happy ice creaming Zags


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