6 Ways You Could Be Procrastinating Right Now

After this long weekend, it may be hard to find the motivation to hop back into studying. Whether you choose to spend your time surfing the internet or day-dreaming about anything else you’d rather be doing, we all move through the different stages of procrastination. Lets face it, while you’re looking at this post, there’s probably so many better things you could be doing to further your education right now so here’s a look at all the different ways you could be procrastinating:

1. Cleaning and Reorganizing


You know that stack of laundry you have sitting in the corner of your room that hasn’t moved since the beginning of the semester? Also are you aware of the fact you have a three page paper due tomorrow? What better way to finish that paper then do all of your laundry, reorganize your closet by color and sleeve length, and clean up your desk drawers?

2. Staring Off Into Space


It’s raining outside, you’re working on your religion homework, and Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean” comes through your headphones. As you take a break from staring at your computer and catch a glimpse of your reflection in the window, suddenly you’re in a music video; there’s dramatic lighting and the rain is pouring down on you. You think to yourself, “Pop stars don’t do homework.”

3.Watching Tiny Kitchen Videos


This must be one of the highest forms of procrastination. Not only are these videos addicting and take your attention from whatever homework you’re working on, they also propose so many questions. Where do they get all of these small appliances? Where does all the excess food go? Who do they feed these tiny hamburgers to? How can I get tiny food?

4. Rewarding Yourself


They say rewarding yourself keeps you motivated while doing your homework.You know the cute little trick where you read until you hit the gummy bear on the page? It’s cute. What they don’t tell you is that you shouldn’t reward yourself after accomplishing little to nothing. For me, if i read two pages, I usually end up rewarding myself with about 30 minutes of social media down time.

5. Social Media Stalking


During this so called reward hour or just during any procrastination period, one minute you’re checking your newsfeed and the next you’re 34 weeks deep in your friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s Instagram page. Whatever you do, don’t accidentally double tap anything.

6. Creating A “Study” Playlist


Music has been proven to increase productivity, so why not push that essay aside and create a new “study” playlist that will help get you in the zone? The only thing better than studying is creating a playlist to study to, am I right?

This post is a product of my own procrastination.



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